Due to the impact of COVID-19, HRConnect is operating at reduced capacity. Please be patient as resources are stretched and need to continue to prioritise both industrial and non-industrial payroll.

Before contacting HRConnect, please check the FAQs on the COVID-19 staff information website. These are updated daily and cover all HR and payroll matters, including annual leave and absences related to COVID-19.

If you do need to contact HR Connect, please be aware of the following:

Submitting emails or forms to HRConnect

When you submit an email or form to HRConnect, you should receive an auto-acknowledgement.  HRConnect will respond - it may take a bit longer than normal but please be patient.  Please do not send a ‘chaser’ email as this will just clog up the system. Pay impacting emails or forms will be given priority and once payroll activities are concluded in each pay cycle, non-pay impacting emails/forms will be dealt with in the order of date received.

Should you use a personal email address that you have not registered on HRConnect, include the following information. This will enable HRConnect to validate the sender, without having to get back to you before taking any action:

  • full name
  • payroll number
  • National Insurance Number
  • line managers first and last name  

How to register a Personal email address on HRConnect (where you currently have access to Employee Services Portal)

  • log on to Employee Self-Service
  • select Personal Data
  • select Personal Details
  • in the ‘Phone Numbers’ section, select ‘update’
  • in the dropdown menu under ‘type’, select ‘Email Address’
  • enter your email address

Submitting a claim or request to your line manager via HRConnect self-service

Before submitting any claim or request via HRConnect self-service, you should check your line manager is available to process.  If your line manager is not available, you should read FAQs 12 & 13 in the link below which provide options to help ensure that your claim or request will receive attention when submitted.

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