Updated Guidance - 10 Steps to Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has produced updated guidance on how organisations including the NICS and those across the public sector in Northern Ireland can protect themselves in cyberspace.

The 10 Steps to Cyber Security is guidance from the National Cyber Cyber Security Infographic Security Centre designed to help organisations manage their cyber security risks.  The steps break down the task of protecting your organisation into 10 components. The 10 Steps guide was first introduced in 2012 and has been widely adopted by the public sector and industry including the NICS.

Our computer systems and network are evolving rapidly so the NCSC has recently updated the 10 Steps to Cyber Security guidance to include topics on cloud security and remote working. Adopting the security measures covered by the 10 Steps reduces the likelihood of cyber attacks occurring, and minimises the impact to the organisation when incidents do occur.

This guidance is recommended for security professionals and technical staff that include but are not limited to ICT staff, Information Asset Owners (IAO), Senior Information Risk Owners (SIRO), System Owners, System Administrators and Architects, Application/Software Developers, IT Technical & Support Staff, ICT system contractors and many more.

We encourage all to welcome and take advantage of this useful guide to learn more about cyber security and its risks which would benefit both our work and daily lives.

Learn More about Cyber Security

Please watch the video below and study the graphic from the NCSC to learn more about the 10 Steps to Cyber Security.

10 Steps to Cyber Security

Further Guidance

For the full guidance please visit the NCSC website:

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