Enterprise Shared Services

Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) is a Directorate within the Department of Finance. It brings together responsibility for Information Technology (IT), Digital Shared Services, Finance Shared Services, the Network & Information Systems Competent Authority and Regulator for NI and the Integr8 Programme.

Overview of ESS

The primary function of ESS is to deliver efficient and effective customer focused shared services primarily to the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS).

ESS Vision, Purpose and Mission

The vision of ESS is “better together”, which reflects the fact that there are synergies and opportunities to deliver specific shared services to create additional efficiencies and greater effectiveness.

This is supported by a purpose which is “providing shared services which enable our customers to focus on delivering their core business”.

Mission Statement

"To make a positive difference to the delivery of public services through being customer-focused, high performing and innovative."

IT Assist

IT Assist’s  principal role is to provide common IT Systems and services to over 28,000 customers in NICS Departments, Agencies and over 40 Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs). Its customer base has also extended to the wider public service for reasons of enhanced service quality and value for money.

Digital Shared Services

  • Service Transformation
  • Assurance, Governance and Security
  • Digital Channels

Finance Shared Services

Finance Shared Services are provided by Account NI.

Account NI is the financial processing centre for Northern Ireland Civil Service Departments and provides one streamlined service from purchasing through to payment of invoice. Staff in departments have access to easy ordering through a web-based purchasing system that generates and issues purchase orders.

Network Information Services

The UK Network and Information Systems (NIS) regulations 2018 are in place to ensure that organisations providing critical services are securing and protecting the underpinning network and information systems on which these critical services rely.

The Department is designated as the NIS competent authority for operators of essential services in the energy (electricity, gas and oil), transport (road and rail), drinking water supply and distribution and health sectors in Northern Ireland, with the responsibility for development of policy, oversight and enforcement of the NIS Regulations.

The Integr8 Programme

The Integr8 Programme has been established to enable transformation through the delivery of modern, flexible and customer focused Finance and HR (including Payroll) services for Central Government, including implementing a new technology solution to replace the current systems.


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