Digital Transformation

Digital technology is radically changing how the public and government engage and interact. 
Right across the public sector, the pace of digital transformation is unrelenting, as the public expect more access to high quality public services. The Digital Transformation Strategy outlines the NICS approach to enabling new services in the Digital Age.

This portal is a means to help promote better awareness of the services we provide, the changes we have enabled and a way for staff to provide feedback to our Transformation team so that we create services which are relevant to all business areas.

The strategy has 4 key outcomes, Connected Citizens, Digital Society, Digital Government and Connected Businesses. The sections below explain each outcome in a little more detail and provide updates and articles on how each outcome is being achieved. There is also information about the Digital NI Enabling Programme which will put in place new contracts to support governments digital transformation strategy.  

If you are an NI public sector department or organisation and want to share the work you have been doing to digitally transform government, please contact us using the following form:

Latest News

Here you can find all of the latest news from across the Digital Transformation piece. ... more

Digital Government

Public services are ‘Digital by- design’ with core systems and processes transformed to enable efficient and effective delivery. ... more


Digital Society

Digital public services have a real and meaningful impact on the daily lives of our citizens, helping to address society’s greatest challenges. ... more


Digital NI 

Digital NI are supporting the Strategy by procuring capability and encouraging use of contracts to enhance internal capability. ... more

Connected Business 

Public services are easier to use for businesses within the region, reducing red-tape and administration requirements. ... more

Connected Citizens 

Public services are personalised putting our citizens in control with a range of integrated services available across the public sector. ... more




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