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Click on the button below to access the Reval2020 Draft Schedule of values, where you can browse through all the values that will be used in April 2020 to work out rate bills.

Contact us by email if you need help or to give us more information on your property. You can also use the form in the link below, and return it to Land & Property Services.

Non Domestic Valuation Practic Notes are now available using the link below:

Find out more about Reval2020 and your council area by clicking on the link below:

About Reval2020

Learn more about the Non-Domestic Rates Revaluation - Reval2020... more


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Information events

Business ratepayers met with the Reval2020 team at a number of information events ... more


Click on the links below to watch the LPS videos on:

How we calculate business rates, How we assess what rates retail units should pay, and How we assess what rates licensed premises should pay 


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