Since 2014 the Digital Transformation Service (DTS), part of Enterprise Shared Services within the Northern Ireland Department of Finance have been developing a set of core applications, referred to as the 'Digital Toolkit' which has delivered a solution that addresses common sets of business problems that can be easily reused by departments, quickly, securely and with minimal cost.

The Toolkit has been a catalyst for digital transformation right across the public sector in Northern Ireland with its ability to bring to life core citizen services through a cost effective model and has enabled the delivery of services that may not have been implemented, due to lack of funding or internal capability.

The development of the Toolkit is realising the ambition to create a ESS logo platform for Government for the NICS and the wider public sector for the same cost as a single line of business application. Significantly, as the Toolkit continues to deliver additional new digital services greater cost benefits are realised and the platform itself is enhanced with more reusable components.

Some of the reusable applications already developed, referred to as zero deployment services include:

  • Tell US - a service that provides the citizen with an online channel for feedback, general enquiries or complaining about specific services;
  • Book IT/Reserve IT - a service that provides a re-usable online channel for booking rooms, appointments, venues or resources;
  • Rate IT - a tool that enables real time feedback on a user's experience of an online transaction.

The Toolkit also offers enterprise solutions such as secure messaging, identity management, notifications and automated SMS and also bespoke solutions such as transactional forms.

Payment Solution

In addition to the other zero deployment services already implemented, DTS are currently developing a technical integration for online (e-commerce) payments with the payment provider, Worldpay.

The merchant services and payment processing provider offers a payment gateway for online transactions and currently operates across 146 countries, with a 4,500 strong workforce, primarily based in the UK.

The integration will be developed on the DTT on the Azure cloud service and a client integration document will also be prepared for third party suppliers.

Once completed, the development time to integrate a bespoke online application with the Worldpay e-commerce service should be reduced to 2/3 days.

There is no cost to the NICS or wider public sector services to use the DTT, although there is likely to be a cost to other third party suppliers who have developed the bespoke online business application. It is hoped that the work will be completed in September 2021.

DTS Service Manager for the Digital Toolkit, Owen Murray commented on the benefits the solution can provide for customers and citizens alike,

“I believe this technical payment solution offers a great opportunity for our NICS/wider Public sector customers to save taxpayers’ money on development costs associated with changing and integrating online payments. Once completed, if there is a change to the  current payment provider, Worldpay, the new provider will be set up on the DTT with minimal disruption to the business application services at zero cost to our customers. The DTT continues to deliver on our principles of re-use and efficiency.”


For enquiries or further information, the DTS Service Manager Owen Murray can be contacted via the details below.

Further information on the DTT, as well as some of the other services that DTS provide is also available on the Digital Transformation Service page. 

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