Corrigendum to EPN 02/2010 A - Cabinet Office Reform of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme for the Home Civil Service

Date published: 03 December 2019

1. Civil Service Pensions issued EPN 02/2010 to employers on 8 February 2010.
2. Paragraph 3 of the EPN contained a reference to the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) which is continuing to oppose Cabinet Office proposals to reform the Home Civil Service Compensation Scheme and is balloting its members on industrial action against the changes.
3. Paragraph 3 further stated that it should be noted that the PCS is the union to which NIPSA is affiliated. This latter statement is factually inaccurate and should have been omitted from the EPN.
4. CSP has issued a revised version of the EPN 02/2010 to correct this.
5. The statement does not appear in the Employees Pension Notice issued with EPN 02/2010 and there is no requirement for the notice to be re-issued to staff. No further action is necessary.

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