DTS Publishes Digital Transformation Strategy Midterm Review

Date published: 22 March 2021

The Digital Transformation Service (DTS) has published its Digital Transformation Strategy Midterm Review.


The DTS Digital Transformation Strategy delivers vision and actions allowing us to fulfil the potential of having digital at the heart of what we do.

Delivery of the Strategy has been vital to modernising public services, driving our ''digital first'' approach and proving the value of investing in enabling technologies. The nature of digital and the understanding of the opportunities it provides has developed considerably in recent years and therefore a Midterm Review has been published offering an opportunity to report on progress, build upon the Strategy drivers and refresh its direction of travel.

Read on in the attached publishment to see how digital transformation is key to delivering economic growth, delivering services that meet the needs of the public and assisting us all in the development of digital skills and confidence.

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