EU Remedies directive 2007/66/EC

Date published: 11 December 2007

Directive 2007/66/EC requires public authorities to wait a certain number of days, known as a 'standstill period', before concluding a public contract. 


This gives rejected bidders the opportunity to start an effective review procedure at a time when unfair decisions can still be corrected.

If this standstill period has not been respected, the directive requires national courts under certain conditions to set aside a signed contract, by rendering the contract "ineffective".

More information and help

Central Procurement Directorate has published two procurement guidance notes which are relevant to the implementation of the Remedies directive: 

  • Procurement Guidance Note 03/11: Award of Contracts Without a Competition
  • Procurement Guidance Note 01/10:- Information Disclosure Throughout the Procurement Process and Application of the Rules on the Standstill Period

Access the full set of Procurement Guidance Notes.

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