Information about CPD charging

Date published: 08 August 2018

The professional advice provided by CPD to its customers is chargeable and is used to recover operating costs incurred. Guidance is provided here to help you understand more about CPD charging. 


At an early stage of your contact with CPD, an estimate of CPD fees will be provided, based on the estimated contract value, and the services you want CPD to provide. 

You will be asked to approve the estimate before CPD begins to provide services to you. 

The charge out rates below are to be used for all customers who are charged on an hourly basis from 1 April 2018 onwards.


Charge out rates - CPD Construction Division / Supplies and Services Division
Grade Rate
PPTO / Grade 7 £75.74
SPTO / DP / PM £64.10
HPTO / SO / SPO £48.14
PTO / EO1 / PO £42.47
EO2 / POT £40.30
Charge out rates - colocated staff
Grade Rate
PPTO / Grade 7 £67.61
SPTO / DP £57.34



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