IT Assist 'How To' BTMeetMe

Date published: 03 April 2020

On this page IT Assist have provided staff with information and advice on using BTMeetMe for voice calls.


BTMeetMe is a service that allows for audio only conference calls, unlike WebEx conferences you do not have the option to share any screens. With a BTMeetMe meeting, you can join the call using your landline telephone, your mobile or via Jabber using a headset connected to your computer.

Please note that ITAssist currently have a very limited supply of headsets and are working hard with suppliers to provide new stock as soon as possible. In the meantime, we would urge everyone to make use of any USB headset or earphones with a microphone attachment that you might already have at home or to use your work phone if you have one. 

Getting Started on BTMeetMe

If you want to organise a BTMeetMe audio conference, please contact your departmental Business Relationship Manager (BRM) and they can provide you with details of local BTMeetMe account holders (that will hold chairperson codes) that can arrange BTMeetMe meetings on your behalf or to help set up further BTMeetMe account holders as required.   

BTMeetMe account holders are normally the secretary or administrator of the meeting and the only meeting participant that requires a licence. Each BRM has a quota of BTMeetMe account holder (Chairperson) licences for use within their customer base and therefore all queries should be directed to them initially.

Please note you will only require a BTMeetMe account when setting up or scheduling BTMeetMe meetings, anyone can join in a BTMeetMe call by following the joining instructions provided in the invitation. Please note that the BTMeetMe account holder (Chairperson) must start the meeting to allow others to join and communicate with each other. All participants will just hear music until the chairperson joins the call. You can only hold one meeting at a time using the same BTMeetMe account holder (Chairperson) details.

A key tip to remember is that you can mute your line by pressing *6 to cut out any background noise when someone else is talking during a BTMeetMe call. Unless you’re on mute, noises like rustling paper or tapping on a keyboard can be easily picked up. You can press *6 to mute and then *6 again to un-mute.

If there is any issue, please contact your departmental Business Relationship Manager or DSS Account Management; any escalated matters should be emailed to Gina McConville as DSS Head of Customer Services. Alternatively, you can email ITAssist or access the self-service portal if you need to raise an incident.

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