IT Assist 'How To' WebEx

Date published: 01 April 2020

On this page IT Assist have provided staff with information and advice on using WebEx for video and voice calls.


What is WebEx?

WebEx facilitates online meetings with anyone who has an internet connection including mobile users. You will be connected via audio or Video. With an online meeting, you can join using your landline telephone, your mobile or via Jabber using a headset connected to your computer.  

There will be a cost per standard host license of £80 per annum and you will be informed in advance when this charge begins. This will be charged through your departmental Business Relationship Manager. Webex event licenses are available at a cost of approximately £500.

Getting started on WebEx

If you want to organise a WebEx meeting, in the first instance, please contact your departmental Business Relationship Manager (BRM) and they can provide you with details of local WebEx account holders (Host) that can arrange WebEx meetings on your behalf or to help set up further WebEx account holders (Host) as required. WebEx account holders (Host) are normally the secretary or administrator of the meeting and the only meeting participant that requires a licence.

Please note you will only require a WebEx account (Host) to start or schedule a WebEx meeting. Anyone can participate in a WebEx call by following the joining instructions provided in the meeting invitation.  

A WebEx meeting invitation with the meeting details will be sent to all required attendees. Please note that the account holder (Host) must start the meeting to allow others to join and communicate with each other.

WebEx Host Software

Once contact has been made with your BRM for licence details, your BRM will raise a Service Request with IT Assist to  automatically install the “NIGOV WebEx Client – For Hosts” software to your account. Once your host account is created, you will receive an email from Cisco WebEx, please ensure that you register and validate your host account using the details provided by your BRM. 

Joining WebEx meetings

If you are not a Host and wish to join a WebEx meeting, the “NIGOV WebEx Client – For Participants” has been automatically downloaded to all accounts and is available on your desktop. Please note you will be using this software as a guest only and are not required to sign in with any details. Please follow the WebEx guidance for participants – this will allow your name to be displayed when joining meetings.  

WebEx software only needs to be installed before using WebEx for the first time. If you are hosting or joining a meeting from your mobile device, you must install “Webex Meet” from your device’s app store.

We recommend that users try out any WebEx functions in a trial run ahead of holding meetings for the first time. 

Some users have also found that using Google Chrome as your internet browser also helps WebEx work more effectively. Internal users can download Google Chrome from the ITAssist store. Please see link to guidance on downloading from the IT Assist store

If any problems persist in using WebEx, please contact IT Assist.

If there is any issue, please contact your departmental Business Relationship Manager or DSS Account Management; any escalated matters should be emailed to Gina McConville as DSS Head of Customer Services. Alternatively, you can email ITAssist or access the self-service portal if you need to raise an incident.

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