Policy screening - Private Occupations Policy

Date published: 23 August 2016

This policy outlines the type of private work which can be undertaken by NICS staff, including the terms and conditions in which NICS staff can undertake paid work for another public sector organisation.


The key objective of this policy revision is to outline in detail what type of private work can be undertaken by NICS staff, and to adopt a pragmatic approach to allowing NICS staff to use a defined proportion of annual and flexi leave to undertake paid work for another public sector organisation.  The revision was considered closely by senior NICS staff and other relevant NICS stakeholders along with legal advice.  This policy position aims to balance the principle that civil servants should not be paid from the public purse while on paid leave with concerns that tight restrictions could lead to difficulties for some public sector employers in recruiting suitably skilled staff to fulfil specific roles.  

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