Pre-Discovery Exercise Report - DfI tender

Date published: 21 April 2017

Department for Infrastructure - New planning portal IT system - discovery exercise.


Summary of the work

The purpose of the Discovery exercise is to identify the scope of a refreshed digitised planning service for Northern Ireland, to be used by both the Department and local government.

The contractor will identify the system requirements for a refreshed digitised planning service in the form of a detailed product backlog, data migration and costs, interaction / integration with existing council systems, and consideration of key constraints.

The contractor will identify all stakeholders and users of any new service which will then be used to develop a prioritised list of user needs and a prioritised list of epics and user stories. This will enable the contractor to define the minimum viable product for the refreshed digitised planning service.

The contractor will also identify and assess all options for how the refreshed digitised planning service could be delivered and provide indicative costs and timescales for the delivery of each option.

In the section below, you can download the pre-discovery exercise report.

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