Priority welfare rating questionnaire and application form

Date published: 01 April 2015

Whilst welfare officers cannot facilitate moves for staff, consideration will be given by departments for staff to be awarded with a priority welfare rating (PWR). This places staff in a priority pool and may expedite a move to a different geographical location. This only applies to staff who have exceptional circumstances with regard to caring responsibilities for dependents and who meet the set criteria as agreed within the Welfare Support Service.


Reasonable adjustment

Welfare Officers are often approached by clients who would like to be moved to a different location for health reasons. Clients are encouraged to get assessed and seek recommendations for this under the reasonable adjustment process on HRConnect. Individuals will be signposted to their department’s disability liaison officer (DLO) where appropriate.

Applying for a PWR

Any staff member wishing to apply for a priority welfare rating (PWR) should fill in the questionnaire and application form.

You should email your application and questionnaire to or print these forms and send to:

Welfare Support Service
2-4 Bruce Street

Telephone: 028 9025 1771

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