PGN 01/15: Standardisation of NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract Z Clauses

Date published: 24 May 2018

This Procurement Guidance Note (PGN 01/15) is for the use of Departments and CoPEs for their construction works contracts.

The guidance establishes clear and unambiguous wording for a standard set of Z clauses which eradicates the risk to Government of poor drafting; and provides guidance to Departments on the use of Z clauses to ensure the appropriate allocation of risk.

The need for standard Z clauses was identified as a key objective by the Construction Industry Forum for Northern Ireland (CIFNI).


This guidance note has been revised to make reference to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

If you require any further information on this advice note then please contact:

Construction Procurement Policy
Central Procurement Directorate
2nd Floor East, Clare House,
303 Airport Road West,
Belfast BT3 9ED

Phone: 028 9081 6114

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