PGN 04/12: Procurement Control Limits and the Basis of Contract Awards

Date published: 06 March 2019

The purpose of this Procurement Guidance Note (PGN 04/12) is to set out the procurement control limits (PCLs) and the basis for contract award for application in all procurements.



The PCLs are designed to ensure:

  • an effective competition (competition is the best way of achieving and demonstrating best value for money)
  • a balance is struck between the value of the contract and the transactional cost of undertaking the procurement procedures
  • a proportionate approach is taken to procurement for low value requirements

This guidance note has been revised to make reference to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Any queries on this guidance note should be addressed to:

Construction & Procurement Delivery
Procurement Policy Branch
2nd Floor East
Clare House
303 Airport Road West

Telephone: 028 9081 6233

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