Proposal for promoting equality and sustainable development

Date published: 07 December 2018

Through the Construction Industry Forum for Northern Ireland (CIFNI), the Government Construction Clients (GCC) and the construction industry - as represented by the Construction Industry Group for Northern Ireland - have jointly explored how sustainability issues could be incorporated into construction contracts.


CIFNI proposal for promoting equality and sustainable development  

Instead of requiring contractors to submit proposals on sustainability as part of the procurement process, the task group in 2008 concluded that the most effective way of delivering sustainable objectives would be for government to set out its requirements within the NEC3 Contract Works Information.

Revised sustainability proposals were approved by CIFNI and GCC (Government Construction Clients) for full implementation in works contracts issued for tender by CoPEs from 1 September 2011. An additional requirement involving the Department of Employment and Learning's (DEL) "Training for Success" scheme (TfS) was included in June 2012. 

A CIFNI working group reviewed the proposals again in 2015 and a revised set of sustainability requirements were agreed for implementation in April 2016, including a Contractors Sustainability Report.

The Contractors Sustainability Report (CSR) is to provide a single source of reporting for sustainability requirements for government construction projects. 

It is intended that CSR will be added to by the contractor as the project progresses, and will be used to demonstrate how the contract requirements have been achieved. 

Whilst some of the sustainability requirements will apply to all projects, others will only apply above certain construction cost thresholds. 

Sustainability requirements - guidance, model contract clauses (April 2016) 

View below:

  • the revised sustainability requirements (2016)
  • model clauses for Buy Social
  • Contractors Sustainability Report (v1.3)
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