Proposal for promoting equality and sustainable development

Date published: 01 May 2019

Last updated: 23 February 2022

Through the Construction Industry Forum for Northern Ireland (CIFNI), the Government Construction Clients (GCC) and the construction industry - as represented by the Construction Industry Group for Northern Ireland - have jointly explored how sustainability issues could be incorporated into construction contracts.


CIFNI proposal for promoting equality and sustainable development  

Instead of requiring contractors to submit proposals on sustainability as part of the procurement process, CPD, following consultation with CIFNI, has concluded that the most effective way of delivering sustainable objectives is for government clients to set out their requirements within the contract documentation. 

Sustainability requirements

A link to these requirements is provided below (Feb 2019, revision 1). The requirements include a checklist that identifies which requirements apply relative to contract value. 

Contractor's Sustainability Report (CSR)

The requirements are supported by a Contractor's Sustainability Report (CSR). It is intended that the CSR will be completed and updated by the contractor as the project progresses. It will be used to demonstrate how the contract requirements have been achieved. 

Please note two versions are available below:

  • Contractor's Sustainability Report - Version 2 (for use with contracts containing sustainability requirements from February 2019 onwards)
  • Contractor's Sustainability Report - Version 1.3 (for use with contracts containing April 2016 sustainability requirements)

Resource Efficiency Brief (£200k - £1m)

Also included is a link to a template for the Resource Efficiency Brief. This is used on lower value contracts between £200k and £1m and enables the employer to describe their resource efficiency policy.

The contractor then uses the brief to detail how it will respond to the policy. The brief is completed and updated by the contractor as the project progresses alongside completion of the CSR.

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