Sustainability Action Plan (2012 - 2015)

Date published: 09 July 2019

The NI 'Sustainable Construction Task Group' drew up the action plan below, which began to be implemented in December 2012.


The Action Plan (2012-2015) aims to ensure best practice is followed in all public sector construction projects, including: 

  • considering the 'whole life costs' of a project
  • less waste during construction and once the building is in operation
  • targets for energy and water consumption
  • protection of natural habitats and species

The original 2004 Sustainability Action Plan and accompanying document, 'Achieving Sustainability in Construction Procurement' (containing further details on the themes for action), are also available for downloading.

More information and help

Please contact CPD Construction Procurement Policy 2 Branch by telephone - (028) 9081 6366 

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