Waste Management - Innovation Lab Report March 2016

Date published: 22 September 2016

This is a short report on the work carried out at the Innovation Lab held in March 2016. The challenge is for us to achieve the following target:

‘by 2020, the preparing for re-use and the recycling of waste materials such as at least paper, metal, plastic and glass from households and possibly from other origins as far as these waste streams are similar to waste are similar to waste from households, shall be increased to a minimum of overall 50% by weight’

(Article 11(2) – Commission Decision 2011/753/EU)


Much work has been completed to date to maximise efforts to increase recycling rates and to continue the momentum, the innovation lab prepared workshops to facilitate the development of innovative ideas with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and the local councils.

You should note that this is a report of what happened on this Lab project.  The departments/sponsors were under no obligation to accept recommendations.

For information on what has happened on this project since this report was published people should contact the Innovation Lab.

e-mail: ilab@finance-ni-gov.uk

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