Welfare policy - Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA)

Date published: 17 November 2009

Here you will find the Welfare EQIA first screening document


NICS Welfare Support Service 2008

The NICS aims to provide emotional support, practical information and guidance to staff who are facing difficulties at work and to provide advice and guidance to managers, Dept HR and Corporate HR on matters relating to individual or group welfare.

For this purpose, it has introduced the Welfare Support Service with effect from 1 October 2008.   The policy sets out the aims of this new service.  It replaces and updates the former Welfare Policy which has been in existence since 1979.  This policy affects some of the HR Policies applied throughout the NICS and it indirectly impacts on the services delivered by the NICS workforce, with a view to continuous improvement.

In accordance with DFP Equality Scheme the Department has assessed the need to carry out an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) on the Strategy. This document presents the findings of the screening process which has indicated that a full EQIA is unnecessary at this time.

For more information and help:

Mr Alan Stewart
Welfare Manager
Welfare Support Service
6th floor, Royston House
34 Upper Queen Street

Telephone: 028 9057 2314


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