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Policy screening form for CISCO Webex remote interviewing.

Published 10 June 2020Impact assessments

DoJ Carers guide

Published 10 June 2020Guidance literature

The purpose of this EPN is to provide information to pension scheme members on choices they may take within this financial year from April 2020 to April 2021 which may have an impact on breaching the Annual Allowance.    

Published 08 June 2020Notices

Pensions is a topic that many of you think is very confusing,  and we know that from our direct engagement with some of you particularly over the last year, so combine  pensions with tax, which is exactly what Annual Allowance is about - and we do realise that t

Published 08 June 2020Notices

Lessons are routinely extracted from Gateway and other assurance review final reports and are published regularly to assist and support people working on programmes and projects.

Published 04 June 2020Guidance literature

Handy tips to get you started on Cisco WebEx.

Published 04 June 2020Guidance literature

Please see the links below for the minutes of the DoF Departmental Board meetings 2020.

Published 04 June 2020Agendas and minutes

Housing Stock is defined as a count of properties which are valued as domestic or mixed for the purposes of rating.

Published 03 June 2020Statistical reports

FOI DOF/2020-0161 - Prepaid Banking Products

Published 03 June 2020FOI/EIR responses

Should Translink require written confirmation of your circumstances in order to process a refund, please complete the template below which should be signed by a Level 2 Line Manager (Staff Officer or above) and returned to Translink with a covering letter.  

Published 03 June 2020Forms

Volunteer form to apply for temporary redeployment to NI Direct customer service representative role.

Published 01 June 2020Forms

This EPN provides important information regarding pensionable earnings and contributions for members who have been, or may be, placed on furlough under the Westminster Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Published 27 May 2020Notices

Please use the links below to see Land & Property Services Management Board minutes for 2020 - 2021

Published 26 May 2020Agendas and minutes

Account NI NICS Prompt Payment Tables.
This document shows how each government department performed against the 10 working days target for processing payments for the year from April 2020 to March 2021.

Published 26 May 2020Financial plans and reports

This screening document relates to the Nova project being undertaken to improve Land Registers services for all users.

Published 21 May 2020Impact assessments

Please use the links below to see Land & Property Services (LPS) Rating publications.

Published 19 May 2020Guidance literature

COVID-19 funding allocations

Published 19 May 2020Financial plans and reports

Policy advice for Minister - Rates Relief Information Paper

Published 19 May 2020Policy papers

The purpose of this EPN is to advise employers of the process for applying for approval to have any abatement of pension dis-applied in cases where, as a contingency measure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, retired staff are re-employed or working hours are increased for partiall

Published 14 May 2020Notices

Details of the contracts awarded by Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) from April 2016 onwards. 

Published 12 May 2020Lists and registers

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