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Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has provided five sustainability case studies of projects where sustainability objectives were successfully incorporated into contracts. 

Published 18 June 2015Guidance literature

Please see the links below for the minutes of the DFP Departmental Board meetings 2015.

Published 18 June 2015Agendas and minutes

Please see below for the DFP Departmental Board minutes for 2014.

Published 18 June 2015Agendas and minutes

This guidance provides general policy advice and information on meeting the UK Government’s commitments and obligations in respect of Irish and Ulster Scots, made when the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (the Charter) was signed and ratified.

Published 18 June 2015Policy papers

The first corporate DFP Customer satisfaction survey was undertaken in 2007.

Published 18 June 2015Research and analysis

This policy includes the responsibilities of civil servants whilst using social media outside the workplace. The new policy has been agreed with Trade Union side.

Published 18 June 2015Policy papers

Please see the links below for the DoF gifts and hospitality register from 2012-13 up to 2020-21 (Q3 & Q4).

Published 18 June 2015Lists and registers

The new Civil Service Compensation Scheme (Northern Ireland) [CSCS(NI)], effective from1 April 2014 sets out the level of compensation that can be paid on leaving under voluntary or compulsory redundancy. The following Q&A sets out the key facts and answers to fr

Published 15 June 2015Correspondence

An example of an EPC for a new dwelling

Published 13 June 2015Guidance literature

Statutory Charges forms.

Published 12 June 2015Forms

This is the eighth in a series of such reports on the energy performance of properties occupied by the Northern Ireland (NI) public sector. It contains analyses of energy consumption and expenditure data for approximately 3000 buildings.

Published 12 June 2015Research and analysis

A half-day workshop took place on 11 February 2015 for suppliers interested in tendering for future cleaning, catering and ancillary services to Northern Ireland public bodies.

Published 12 June 2015Guidance literature

This strategy has been developed to support DFP in achieving its objectives through addressing the people aspects of the business agenda as set out in the Department’s Corporate Plan.

Published 11 June 2015Guidance literature

The Equality Scheme contains information on how DFP proposes to fulfil the duties imposed on it by Section 75 of the NI Act 1998.

Published 11 June 2015Guidance literature

Here you can find information relating to the voluntary exit scheme

Published 10 June 2015

Adopted operational programmes for the 2014-2020 EU structural and investment fund programmes for Northern Ireland.

Published 09 June 2015Policy papers

Documentation relating to senior civil service pay bands - 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2012.

Published 09 June 2015Guidance literature

European Commission guidance notes marked as final for the 2014-2020 round of funding.

Published 09 June 2015Legislation and regulations

2014-2020 DoF guidance notes for the Northern Ireland managing authorities.

Published 09 June 2015Legislation and regulations

Budget 2015-16 is the process by which expenditure plans for NI departments are set for the financial year 2015-16.

Published 09 June 2015Speeches and statements

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