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DP competition IRC277837 - vacancies; offers; expiration; candidates

Published 28 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

Each UK government department and all devolved administrations have an obligation to provide Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT) with monthly outturn and forecast outturn information.

Published 27 July 2023Guidance literature

The in-year monitoring process provides a formal system for reviewing spending plans and priorities in each financial year in light of the most up-to-date position.

Published 27 July 2023Guidance literature

FOI - DOF/2023-0277 - Assistance requests submitted to IT Assist 22/23

Published 26 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

DOF FOI 2023-0261 Derelict & Vacant Property (DoF)

Published 21 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

DOF FOI 2023-0222 ID 4368110 DAERA – Hire of Welfare Units

Published 21 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

This screening document relates to the DoF Budget 2023-24.

Published 21 July 2023Impact assessments

 FOI DoF/2023-0243 - ‘How much money DoF has spent on branded merchandise over the last five years’ 

Published 20 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) documents and defines the services provided by Account NI to Departments (and their sponsored bodies) and the standards expected.

Published 18 July 2023Contract management

The 2023 Annual Benefit Exercise (ABS) is due to begin shortly. This Notice gives you information on how Civil Service Pensions are changing the way in which your ABS will be provided.

Published 17 July 2023Notices

The purpose of this EPN is to provide employers with information on the paperless Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) exercise 2023 and the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) Pensions Online Portal.

Published 17 July 2023Notices

FOI DOF/2023-0251 Pay & Bonuses of Senior Civil Servants

Published 11 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

FOI DOF/2023-0255 Vacancies & Merit list questions regarding IRC275969

Published 11 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

FOI DOF/2023-0246 - Shortlisting for IRC288416 Deputy Principal Policy and Legislation

Published 11 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

DOF/2023-0260 - Website Visits

Published 11 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

The Budget 22-23 document sets out the Secretary of State’s spending plans for the period from April 2022 to March 2023. 

Published 10 July 2023Financial plans and reports

Follow-on request from DOF/2023-0226 competition IRC288416 DP Policy & Legislation

Published 07 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

This document contains screening information for a technical policy change under the NICS Recruitment policy to allow using a condensed, less detailed form of newspaper advertisement which will alert the reader that the NICS is recruiting for various job roles and direct them

Published 07 July 2023Impact assessments

FOI DOF/2023-0219 - Copies of Documentation held between DoF and NIO regarding the restoration of the Assembly in the past 6 months

Published 06 July 2023FOI/EIR responses

This page has guidance and good practice on corporate governance which describes how organisations should be directed and controlled which is vital for effective financial management and risk management in the public sector.

Published 04 July 2023Guidance literature

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