NI Reval2023: Draft schedule of values

The draft schedule is the list of values that will be used from 1 April 2023 to calculate non-domestic rate bills in Northern Ireland.

Before you start

In June 2021 the Finance Minister announced a revaluation of all 74,500 non-domestic properties, delivering on the commitment for more frequent revaluations. In October 2021 Land & Property Services (LPS) issued Rent and Lease Questionnaires (RALQs) to the occupiers of most non domestic properties across NI, requesting their current lease and rent details. In some cases we requested information on trading and accounts. 


All the rental information was analysed and reviewed to produce new Net Annual Values (NAVs) for a new Valuation List. These values have now been published in a draft schedule and are now available online for anyone to check.


New rateable values

Rateable values in the draft schedule are based on rental levels as at 1 October 2021, a date which was set by legislation. That is why LPS contacted ratepayers in October 2021 asking for rent and lease information.


The valuation details presented in the draft schedule is not your rate bill, it is only one part of the calculation. The other parts are; the regional rate (set by Northern Ireland Executive), the district rate (set by the district council where the property is located), and any reliefs you are entitled to which LPS applies to your bill automatically.


For further information on how rate bills are calculated visit NI Business Info: How business rates are calculated.


Find a draft property valuation

You can find all draft valuations for non-domestic properties online via the green button. You can search by post code, or using the advanced search option. Once you find the draft property valuation you can:

  • check the property draft valuation
  • check details for other local properties in the post code area
  • open the map viewer to view draft valuation details across NI
  • contact the Reval2023 team

Visit draft schedule of values

Additional information

You will not be able to see the breakdown of certain valuations, for example pubs, hotels, filling stations, as these are based on trading information and are subject to strict GDPR regulations.

Information regarding domestic properties are not available in the draft schedule as there was no revaluation of domestic properties. Details of any domestic property valuations can be found on the current valuation list.

What happens next?

If you think your new valuation may be incorrect, you can contact the Reval2023 team to arrange an informal review and supply any relevant information before the new Valuation List comes into force on 1 April 2023.

If you do not agree with the decision regarding your draft value, you still have the formal right to challenge your new rateable value to the District Valuer after the new Valuation List comes in to force from 1 April 2023. There is no charge for this service.

Further information and guidance around the revaluation process is available in NI Reval2023: Frequently Asked Questions.

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