Non domestic valuation list

You can browse through all the values which will be used from April 2020 to work out rate bills in Northern Ireland.

Before you start

Use your mouse or keypad to drag the map, or to zoom in on any area. 

You can search using four options: address, Property ID, by area or by property class. Your Property ID is a very handy piece of information for searching, you will find it on your rate bill or Valuation Certificate.

Blue icons show all properties in Northern Ireland valued for business rates.

Red icons show Mixed properties, they are part domestic and part business use.

In some cases, (shops, offices, warehouses and factories) when you click on “Summary Valuation” you will be able to see the breakdown of the valuation too. 

You will not be able to see the breakdown of other valuations, eg pubs, hotels, filling stations, as these are based on trading information and are subject to strict GDPR regulations.

Contact us by email if you need help or to provide more information on your property.

Non Domestic Valuation List

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