Digital Shared Services

Digital Shared Services (DSS) is a Directorate within Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) in the Department of Finance. 

This includes provision of IT infrastructure services for the NI Civil Service and some wider public sector organisations, responsibility for the NI Government citizen portal (including nidirect contact centre services) and delivering the NI Digital Transformation Programme. 

DSS have completed the digital programme's first major milestone of delivering 16 new digital citizen facing services and increasing digital transactions by more than 3.5 million. DSS also drives the NI Open Data agenda and following publication of the NI Open Data Strategy last year, has delivered the already successful NI Open Data Portal.

DSS business areas

Service and Operations

Services and Operations are responsible for Infrastructure Operations, Client Operations, Customer Services, and Service Planning.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Team is responsible for delivering the NICS Digital Transformation Programme and provides support and guidance to NICS Departments and other public sector organisations to ensure citizen facing services are transformed in a way which improves and simplifies government services. The Central Editorial Team, Digital Inclusion Team and the Media Monitoring Unit all form part of the Digital Transformation Team.

Policy and Strategy

Digital Shared Services Policy and Strategy is made up of Information Management & Data Service, Open Data, and Information Assurance and Cyber Security Teams and IS Personnel.

Information Management & Data Service provide advice and guidance on compliance and legislation relating to the management of records and data within the NICS. The Open Data Team is responsible for Strategy for Northern Ireland 2015-18, which has been endorsed by the NI Executive. The Information Assurance and Cyber Security Team have responsibility for supporting the NICS in all areas of information assurance and cyber security for Digital Transformation, including all applications to be onboarded or associated with the NI Direct brand. 

Enterprise Digital Development

Digital Development Branch, provides an in-house capability for the development and support of bespoke digital services.

The purpose of the branch is:

“To provide digital solutions to our customers that promote and facilitate real business transformation and that meet and exceed expectations for quality and cost”

Digital NI Enabling Programme

The Digital NI Enabling Programme will put in place new contracts to replace the current NI Direct Strategic Partnership Contract.

You can contact Digital Shared Services at

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