Government Legal Service for Northern Ireland

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The Government Legal Service for Northern Ireland has been established as an overarching structure within which a number of participating legal units have agreed to collaborate, with the aim of better management, timely and well-targeted recruitment, relevant training and career development to enable lawyers employed by Government in Northern Ireland to best meet the needs of the Public Service.

Membership of GLSNI attaches to the participating unit and all legal staff employed in each participating unit are members of GLSNI for the duration of their employment in a participating unit.

GLSNI seeks to give leadership to Government lawyers on professional development and standards but does not impinge upon the existing lines of political and administrative accountability of any of its participating units, their relationship with their sponsoring Departments, or their funding arrangements. The management of those units remains the responsibility of the appropriate head of unit. The independence of any statutory office holders within the GLSNI structure is unchanged.

GLSNI is separate from the United Kingdom Government Legal Service and the Government Legal Service for Scotland.  This does not prevent collaboration with either of those bodies by GLSNI as an entity, or by individual participating units; nor does it prevent any GLSNI participating legal unit enjoying membership of, or associate status with, the United Kingdom Government Legal Service.


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