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Information on how Business Consultancy Services (BCS) can enable change and public sector reform aimed at improving government services through the provision of high quality consultancy support.

About BCS

Business Consultancy Services (BCS) is the principle source of internal consultancy services across the NICS, its executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs). We provide an impartial and independent consultancy service and are uniquely based to support the NICS to shape, plan and deliver change that improves the delivery of government services. 

BCS has been providing consultancy expertise to the NICS and public sector for many years and has built up knowledge and understanding of the key and emerging issues that are affecting the public sector, and we have a proven track record for delivering results and value for money. 

Using our consultancy services satisfies internal procurement rules, avoids lengthy procurement exercises and provides very competitive daily rates, given that BCS is a not for profit organisation.

Our team of highly experienced consultants combines public sector insight and private sector expertise. We understand the issues facing the NI public sector and work in partnership with our clients to develop innovative solutions and enable better, sustainable outcomes. 

Through working in partnership with client organisations BCS adds value by advising and supporting at each step in the consulting journey. BCS works to actively transfer its skills to enhance internal capabilities, and where appropriate they will work with external providers to bring necessary subject matter expertise to the delivery of its portfolio of services.  

BCS has corporate membership of the Institute of Consultancy (IC) with a number of the consultants accredited by the IC with the internationally recognised Certificate in Management Consulting. 

BCS is part of Innovation and Consultancy Division (ICD) and as a result has access to the wider ICD team expertise, including the Innovation Lab.

BCS knowledge and experience speak for themselves, other reasons to choose BCS include competitive daily rates which include all local travel and subsistence, and no requirement for procurement. 

In addition procurement guidance stipulates that departments and public agencies should contact BCS to establish whether it has the capability and capacity to undertake assignments, prior to engaging external consultants.

BCS services

BCS exists as trusted business advisors to help shape and enable change across NICS by providing a wide range of services covering:

  • corporate governance
  • strategic management and planning
  • process and business improvement
  • organisational design and development, and
  • policy appraisal and review 

Our client base is principally across all government departments and their agencies, and we continually engage with the senior civil service to help clarify and understand the need for support. 

BCS specialises in:

  • organisational development
  • organisational reviews
  • strategic and business planning
  • process improvement
  • senior management reviews
  • board effectiveness reviews
  • business continuity planning
  • facilitation of events/workshops
  • business case development
  • support for change management programmes and projects
  • support for change managers via coaching and facilitation
  • performance measurement
  • policy and programme evaluation

What our customers say

BCS consistently receives positive customer feedback, with the vast majority of our customers being satisfied or very satisfied with the services BCS provided. Below is a flavour of some of our feedback:

“We could not have been more impressed with the BCS Team… their proposed methodology impressed everyone on the Steering Group as did their attention to detail and professionalism in dealing with a wide cross-section of stakeholders.

The BCS report will be invaluable as we pull together the full NIGEAE Economic Appraisal which will be required to secure funding for the next round of the programme which will contribute directly to those PfG outcomes and indicators for which DfE is responsible… Polite, professional, efficient, innovative and extremely thorough.”

Project Sponsor, Higher Education Policy and Finance, DfE (Programme Evaluation)

“Can honestly say that the services provided were of the highest quality and quality of the output from Departmental position would not have been achieved without it.”

Project Sponsor, Head of Information Systems Unit, DAERA (Business Case)

“Engagement with the BCS consultants was informed and responsive.  Good engagement with staff in the division. Good understanding of issues and effective development of options to future proof structures.”

Project Sponsor, Deputy Secretary, TEO (Review of a TEO Division)

“I was particularly impressed at their willingness to develop strong relationships, engage and seek feedback as part of and throughout the review process. This was a high profile piece of work involving significant interface with high profile retailers and BCS performance was excellent throughout. Thank You!”

Project Sponsor, Head of Carrier Bag Levy Team, DAERA (Evaluation)

“BCS has been excellent in dealing with some difficult issues and setting shared purpose and objectives. BCS brings a degree of independence and objectivity to what can become an emotional issue. The team has come across throughout as highly professional and credible”

Project Sponsor, Director of Digital Shared Services, DoF (Business Case).

“First class professional help and facilitation. This work has played a pivotal role in better preparing DfC for any corporate-level business continuity challenge.”

Project Sponsor, Head of Estate Services, Security and Emergency Planning, DfC (Business Continuity Exercise).

“the service provided by BCS, was excellent - provided timely and professional advice and agreed outputs were delivered which enabled delivery of the NICS HR project on time.

Project Sponsor, NICS HR Project Lead, DoF (Organisational Review)

Recent projects delivered by BCS

Annually, BCS work on a large range of consultancy projects across the NICS and its executive agencies, helping leaders and managers to meet the challenges they face and deliver quality public services.

Below is a list of some recent BCS projects:

  • programme management for the review of cross cutting reform
  • DoF - development of the full business case for NICS retained ICT services
  • DAERA - Carrier Bag Levy review
  • DAERA - review of countryside management
  • TEO - review of the Commission for Victims and Survivors
  • TEO - review of the Strategic Investment Board
  • NICTS vreview of enforcement of Judgements Office
  • CCMS - board effectiveness review
  • DoF - board effectiveness review
  • NI Water - board effectiveness review
  • DfE - evaluation of the Connected 3 Programme
  • DE - evaluation of NI Anti-Bullying Forum
  • DfE - evaluation of the Pilot Export Sales and Marketing Assured Skills programme
  • DfE - facilitation for development of energy strategy
  • DfC - facilitation of the debrief event for syrian refugees
  • DfE - development of business continuity exercise

Contact details

You can contact BCS directly or through the generic inbox, at the email addresses below. BCS looks forward to working with you on your project.


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