Innovation and Consultancy Services (ICS)

ICS is a multi-disciplinary team of consultants, economists, facilitators, service designers and behavioural scientists that support the public sector to deliver better outcomes for our people through independent insights and service improvement.

ICS provides a range of professional services previously offered by Business Consultancy Services (BCS) and the Innovation Lab (iLab). Our services cover three broad areas:

  • Setting Direction: we bring people and organisations together to work through challenging issues and reach consensus on the way forward.
  • Evaluation & Design: we draw on a wide range of evidence and research to provide insights that can improve and design strategies, policies, programmes, organisations, services and processes.
  • Strengthening Governance: we help organisations comply with the highest standards of corporate governance and risk management.

Research (both qualitative and quantitative), facilitation and co-design are key methods we use that run throughout the services we offer.

Details of the services we offer can be found in our services brochure:

  • ICS Services Brochure 24-25 (Available soon)

Contact us to talk about how we can work together by emailing

ICS operates on a full cost recovery basis. Our daily rates can be found in the services brochure.

Procurement guidance stipulates that departments and public bodies should contact BCS (now part of ICS) to establish whether it has the capability and capacity to undertake assignments prior to engaging external consultants.

Previous case studies, publications and resources by the Innovation Lab, which now forms part of ICS, can be found using the link below.


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