Information Fair Trader scheme

The Office of Public Sector Information, part of The National Archives, runs the Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS), which sets and assesses standards for public sector bodies. It requires them to encourage the re-use of information and reach a standard of fairness and transparency.

What is the Information Fair Trader (IFTS) scheme?

The IFTS is the best practice model for public sector bodies to show that they comply with the re-use of the Public Sector Information Regulations 2005. It means that re-users of this information can be confident that they will be treated reasonably and fairly by information providers.

It is also how the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) regulates Crown bodies with a delegation to administer their own licensing. Land & Property Services (LPS) has been such a body since 1 April 2008.

For more information on the scheme and LPS commitment to it, please use the links below:

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