Property data

The Land & Property Services (LPS) Property Data products contain all properties in the domestic and non domestic valuation lists.

Types of Property Data product

Domestic data products

These are defined as those properties where the primary purpose is as a domestic residence. This includes individual houses, apartments, domestic garages and domestic stores.

Non domestic data products

Non domestic properties are those where the primary purpose excludes any use as a domestic residence. This includes all properties with the exception of individual houses, apartments, domestic garages and domestic stores.

If a property includes elements of both domestic and non domestic valuation, these separate elements will be contained in the relevant domestic or non domestic data product.

How you can get an electronic copy of the Property Data products

LPS Property Data products are available under an annual licence, which starts on the date of purchase. This entitles the licensee to monthly updates of the data in the relevant product for the period of the licence.

Both of our Property Data products provide full Northern Ireland coverage. The dataset is produced by LPS on a monthly basis as a full file only. Updates-only files are not available. 

As the product contains Royal Mail intellectual property, there may be additional royalty fees. The download contains a Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) usage return form to be completed upon licensing.

For more information on the LPS Property Data products or to enquire about purchasing an annual licence, please contact LPS using the email below:

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