These Practice Notes were developed for the purpose of revaluing non domestic property in Northern Ireland as part of Reval2023. They were produced primarily as guidance for LPS Valuers to ensure, amongst other things, consistency of approach and practice in rating valuations.


The scope of this Practice Note is solely to ensure a consistent valuation approach for this Property Class / Subclass / Type for Non Domestic Revaluation 2023 and subsequent entry in the new Valuation List which becomes effective on 1 April 2023.

The basis of valuation for new entries in the Valuation List, and Rating Revision cases after 1 April 2023, is Schedule 12 (2)(1) of the Rates (NI) Order 1977.


This Practice Note refers to property classified as Automatic Teller Machines (ATM).

Legislative background

Schedule 12 Part 1 Paragraph 1 of the Rates (NI) Order 1977 applies.

“Subject to the provisions of this Order, the Net Annual Value of a hereditament shall be the rent for which, one year with another, the hereditament can, in its actual state, be reasonably expected to let from year to year, the probable average annual costs of repairs, insurance and other expenses (if any) necessary to maintain the hereditament in its actual state, and all rates, taxes or public charges (if any), being paid by the tenant”.

Valuation approach for 2023

The Comparative method of valuation is to be retained as the approach for this type of hereditament - the basis of assessment is the Annual level of transactions that the site could reasonably be expected to achieve to Year End 1/04/21.

Unit of Assessment

Revised policy on the approach to the Unit of assessment is an evolving situation. Currently ATMs have been categorised as follows:

Category 1’s – Large Space User ATM’s – Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury etc. These ATMs are operated by the banking branch of the Supermarket, although they will have mainstream bank branding to facilitate LINK membership. Following the Supreme Court decision all such ATMs within the curtilage of the host supermarket or Petrol Filling Station have been removed from the Valuation List.

Category 2’s – Neighbourhood Supermarket and Petrol Filling Station ATMs - where the agreement to operate an ATM is between the retailer (occupying the host hereditament) and the ATM operator. In Northern Ireland these ‘Through the Wall’ ATMs with 24 hour public access have traditionally been considered separate hereditaments. The ATM operator is different to the host (mainstream bank or independent ATM operator) and there is an agreement in place between the two parties permitting the operation of the ATM. However, considering the Supreme Court decision these ATMs, should no longer be treated as a separate hereditament and as such have been deleted from the List.

Category 3’s – To remain in the Valuation List.

a) Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, transport hubs.

b) Neighbourhood Centres, where agreement to operate an ATM is between a third party landlord (who is not the host retailer) and the ATM operator

c) ATMs located in premises which are neither retail nor hospitality – e.g. Estate Agent’s office.

d) ATMs located in prime city centre/town centre locations.

e) Universities, hospitals etc.


The ATM site should be entered into the Valuation List and valued by application of the Reval2023 Matrix:


Annual Number of Maintainable Cash Transactions – relates to actual cash withdrawals only (i.e. excludes balance enquiries, unsuccessful withdrawals etc.) and is based on the assumption that the ATM is ‘Free to Use’ – in the first instance regard should be had to the actual transactions carried out at the ATM to establish the level of Maintainable Transactions as at AVD i.e. Year End 1/4/21.

Two or more ATMs in one location, contiguous and in the same occupation will comprise one hereditament. The rateable value will be the Transaction Band value appropriate for the aggregate of all ATM transactions that have taken place within this hereditament.
Two or more ATMs in one location, contiguous and NOT in the same occupation will comprise separate hereditaments.

ATMs that charge for use – will generally command a significantly lower number of transactions. Care should be taken to reflect this, and they should not simply be valued relative to the band suggested by their actual transaction number. As at AVD the hypothetical tenant generally did not charge for use and as such would expect to realise considerably higher number of transactions. Valuers should look to other similarly located ATMs that don’t charge, to determine the ‘transaction band’ that a hypothetical tenant would realise. It is estimated that transaction numbers for ‘charging’ ATMs should be multiplied by 3 to arrive at a transaction figure for a hypothetical tenant operating such an ATM but care should be taken to ensure that it sits comfortably with the general levels adopted for ATMs in that location.

Rent and Lease Questionnaire

Rent and Lease Questionnaires (RALQs) were not required. Information was supplied by the ATM operators directly through their agents.


For advice on any aspect of this Practice Note contact LPS on 0300 200 7801.

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