Details of current pan-government contracts and framework agreements

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has a number of current contracts and agreements which are used across the public sector, rather than just by one organisation. These are known as collaborative arrangements.

Collaborative arrangements for the NI departments and agencies

CPD carries out procurements on behalf of NICS departments, agencies and arms-length bodies. If the organisation needs something specific to their needs, an individual contract is awarded. Alternatively if what the organisation needs is typical of any public sector organisation, then a collaborative arrangement will be put in place. 

Why do public sector organisations use collaborative arrangements?

It is better value for money for public sector organisations to come together for the procurement of common supplies, services and works, rather than each individual organisation running separate procurements. 

As an SME, how can I compete for a collaborative contract? 

As a first step, you should identify from the lists above whether there is an existing collaborative arrangement for the supplies, services or works you offer - and if so, who is the current contractor, and when is the contract expiry date?

You may wish to contact the current contractor and offer to become a       sub-contractor for a particular aspect of the contract. 

Before the contract comes up to expiry, you should plan ahead for the future tender competition - you may wish to build a relationship with other SMEs in your sector, or related sectors, and compete as a consortium.

Where possible, collaborative arrangements are broken into lots (for example by geographical areas within Northern Ireland) to enable SMEs to compete for part of the contract. 

Advice on forming a consortium is available from InterTradeIreland

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