Learn about the NI Centres of Procurement Expertise and how they buy

Part of your preparation for public sector tendering includes understanding which organisations carry out procurements.

Procurement organisations for central government in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland there is a central purchasing body (Construction & Procurement Delivery) and six Centres of Procurement Expertise (CoPEs) providing professional procurement services to the NI Civil Service departments, agencies and arms-length bodies. 

All of these organisations advertise their tender opportunities online on the eTendersNI portal. 

CPD Supplies and Services

This division carries out procurements for supplies and services to NICS departments, agencies and arm's length bodies. 

CPD Construction Works and Services

This division carries out procurements and project management for construction works and services to NICS departments, agencies and arm's length bodies. 

Department of Health - Health Projects

Procurement through Health Projects includes construction works and services for the NI Health & Social Care Trusts and public safety bodies - for example construction of new hospital buidings.

Education Authority

The Education Authority (EA) is a Centre of Procurement Expertise and is the first point of contact for both procurement guidance for local schools and for potential tender opportunities for prospective suppliers.  The range of services procured by the EA includes capital works projects, design services for capital works as well as goods and services.

For schools, procurement of any works, equipment, goods or services should use such guidance and procedures as set out by the EA - including any arrangements for call-off contracts, tender lists, numbers for written quotations against defined limits, publishing requirements and all applicable legislation including EU directives.

The Education Authority Procurement Service manages the procurement of a diverse range of supplies, services and works with a total contract expenditure just under £200m annually. 

Housing Executive

The Housing Executive is Northern Ireland's strategic housing authority, offering a range of services to people living in socially rented, privately rented and owner occupied accommodation. 

The Housing Executive buys a wide variety of construction, supplies and services to meet the needs of the organisation, which is landlord to approximately 89,000 dwellings, and employs more than 3,000 staff. 

NI Water

NI Water procures goods, materials, services and construction works in order to provide water and sewerage services for customers across Northern Ireland.

Procurement and Logistics Service (BSO PaLS)

The Procurement and Logistics Service, commonly known as PaLS, is the sole provider of professional supplies services (logistics and procurement) to all public Health and Social Care organisations in Northern Ireland.


The Purchasing Department within Translink carry out procurements for the Translink Group, which includes the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company and all of its subsidiary companies including:

DfI Transport and Roads Asset Management (TRAM)

DfI TRAM is responsible for the maintenance of over 25,000km of public roads together with about 9,700km of footways, 5,800 bridges, 271,000 street lights and 367 public car parks.  

DfI Tram also has responsibility for the development of the transport network and a range of transport projects designed to improve network safety, sustainability and efficiency.

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