Public sector organisations and rating arrangements

Land & Property Services (LPS) works with public sector organisations to resolve outstanding queries and update information as promptly as possible in order to issue bills and facilitate early payment.

LPS systems for billing and collection of rates from public sector organisations

Public sector organisations may request a statement showing the rates outstanding against specific properties at any stage during the rating year. This will assist those organisations who have queries about rate account transactions, payments made and outstanding balances.

Public sector ratepayers who require a statement of their rates account(s) should submit a request by email to the public bodies team at the email address below and LPS will provide an electronic statement of account within 14 working days of receipt of the request.

Payment allocation

Public sector organisations must complete a remittance advice to specify the amount they wish to pay for each property when submitting payment for rates. This is particularly important when submitting a part payment or an instalment payment.

Barclaycard Government Procurement Card payments cannot be accepted.

A hardcopy remittance advice is issued with the Start of Year bills to assist in this process and should be submitted with each payment. LPS will also accept an electronic version of the remittance advice should public sector organisations prefer to develop one to suit their administrative processes; however, any version must include the LPS Occupancy ID found on the extreme left hand side of the bill/remittance advice.

Where a public sector ratepayer fails to provide a remittance advice with a payment, problems and delays will be inevitable. The absence of a remittance advice may also result in payments being allocated to individual properties as determined by the LPS system which will create difficulties when interpreting billing information issued afterwards. Payment should not be withheld whilst awaiting changes to accounts.

Notification of property changes

In accordance with Rating legislation the onus is on public bodies to notify LPS of any changes which may affect the valuation of the property. Public sector organisations must submit details of property changes, requests for re-valuations, exemptions in a timely manner and preferably as soon as the change has occurred. Requests for changes backdated to previous rating years should be avoided as far as possible as these often create debts and budget pressures for the respective organisations not to mention extensive adjustments on the rating system.

Where an organisation does not report changes to properties promptly to LPS they should pay the amount stated on the most recent bill and await a refund if appropriate. Organisations should not delay payment while awaiting changes reported at short notice.

Where public sector ratepayers appeal a decision about valuation on a property they should pay the rates outstanding regardless of the appeal. When the appeal is complete a refund will be issued if appropriate.

Contact information

LPS will communicate with public sector organisations by email as much as possible.

LPS cannot issue bills electronically at this stage but hope to be able to do so within the next year.

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