Ulster Savings Certificates and Ulster Development Bonds

Updated Guidance: Following Government measures announced on 23 March to limit the spread of COVID-19, our offices are closed and postal applications will not be seen until they reopen. This closure will be kept under regular review in line with further Government announcements.  In the meantime staff continue to work from home, so please send all correspondence by email to Ulster.Savings@finance-ni.gov.uk. We will endeavour to respond to you as quickly and efficiently as we can. Thank you for your understanding. 

The Ulster Savings Branch closed in 2004 and passed on a register of outstanding certificates to the Department of Finance. Interest was accrued on the certificates up until the branch closure in 2004.

To check if your Ulster Savings Certificates are valid/outstanding, the easiest and quickest way to contact us is by email (Ulster.Savings@finance-ni.gov.uk). To protect our holders, no monetary value can be given out until we have received completed forms and certificates. Alternatively please send your enquiry by post to the address at the bottom of this page, making sure to include a return address for a response. 

Please try to have the following information to hand before contacting us:

  • Ulster Savings holders number (normally 6 or 7 digits)
  • Holders name
  • Holders address at the time of purchase (if you are unsure we can check several addresses)

When provided with the above information we can provide you with generalised advice/information.

If you are the registered holder and in possession of the original Ulster Savings Certificates:

  • US 5 - Application for repayment
  • US 259 - Holders Declaration (or US 48A - Change of name on marriage)
  • bank details form

The above forms need completed and forwarded on to the address below with the Ulster Savings Certificates. Forms can be accessed at Ulster Saving Certificates.

Please note, the US 259 or US 48A needs to be signed in the presence of a qualified witness.

If you do not have all the certificates:

This will be no problem. You will still be able to apply for repayment but you will be required to sign a unique indemnity form for any missing certificates. The indemnity form indemnifies this Department against any further claim being made to the certificates should they turn up. The indemnity form will be provided to you - please contact us.

Completed forms, along with the original valid certificates should be addressed to:

Ulster Savings
Department of Finance
Finance & Corporate Services Division
4th Floor Goodwood House
44 May Street

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