Cyber Security: The Government Cyber Security Strategy 2022 to 2030

Date published: 31 January 2024

Last updated: 31 January 2024

The Government Cyber Security Strategy 2022 to 2030 : Building a Cyber Resilient Public Sector


Cyber crime is a significant threat to public services, businesses, individuals and society at large. Therefore Cyber Security is considered a priority area for government, working alongside business, academia and other key stakeholders to ensure NI is as best protected as possible. Each of us have responsibilities to protect our own personal data as the public sector must ensure public services maintain the trust of individuals and businesses effectively protect their customer data.

Cyber Security: The Government Cyber Security Strategy 2022 to 2030 sets out the government’s approach to building a cyber resilient public sector. The Cyber Security Strategy explains how the government will ensure that all public sector organisations will be resilient to cyber threats. The strategy’s vision is to ensure that core government functions are resilient to cyber attack, strengthening the UK as a sovereign nation and cementing its authority as a democratic and responsible cyber power.

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