Revised Performance Management Policy

Date published: 04 April 2019

A revised version (v6) of HR policy has been published in the HR Handbook.


The main changes are as follows:

From April 2019 (from the 2019/20 reporting year) HR policy 10.01 Performance Management and HR policy 6.07 Inefficiency Performance have been combined into a single Performance Management policy.

A revised process for managing unsatisfactory performance has been incorporated into the new Performance Management Policy. This will be known as the Formal Performance Improvement Procedure and will replace 6.07 Inefficiency Performance.

Managers will have authority for conducting formal meetings under the new procedure and for deciding whether a jobholder should receive a written or final written warning for unsatisfactory performance.

Dismissal decisions will remain within NICSHR.

Performance management cases commenced under HR Policy 6.07 Inefficiency Performance will conclude under the arrangements in that policy, with all decisions made by NICSHR.

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