The Statutory Charges register

Find out more about the Statutory Charges register, how to search for information and the Statutory Charges forms.

The Statutory Charges register

This Registry was set up in 1951 to provide purchasers of land with an easy method of checking whether a property is affected by certain statutory restrictions which could not easily be discovered otherwise. These restrictions, which for the most part are created by or in favour of government departments or local authorities, include for example, matters relating to planning permission or tree preservation orders.

Searching the Statutory Charges Register

A member of the Customer Information Centres (CIC) team will assist you to view the Statutory Charges map to see if a charge has been registered against the property.

In most cases an address is sufficient to locate the property though it may be helpful to bring a map showing nearby landmarks and road names if you think there may be any ambiguity.

If the land has a Statutory Charge registered you can view the details on screen.

Search / Copy Document fees - statutory charges

  • £5.00 for each Register Sheet Entry or Map
  • £6.00 per uncertified copy of a sheet, map (one entry only) or application document
  • £16.00 per certified copy of a sheet, map (one entry only) or application document

Statutory Charges forms

To find the relevant forms to Statutory Charges, please click on the link below:

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