Rating for housing associations


Find out how Land & Property Services (LPS) and housing associations work together to ensure the efficiency of billing and collection of rates.

How housing association rating accounts are managed

These accounts are managed centrally within LPS and queries or issues can be raised with the Central Collection team using the contact details below:


Action required

January to February

Rating Policy Division writes to housing associations registered under Social Standardisation Regulations requesting details of properties owned. This information will be passed to LPS to update records.


LPS issues a one page bill and electronic spreadsheet to report any additional changes to each housing association. Paper schedules covering all properties will no longer be issued at this stage. Any changes to your property portfolio should be forwarded to LPS promptly following receipt of this information.

June to September

Changes submitted after 30 June may not be reflected in the full rate bill issued in mid August. The amount on the bill must be paid in full by 30 September to receive any allowance.

Housing associations must submit a completed remittance advice that was issued with the bill in August, specifying the amount to be paid to each property. This should include reasons why they are not paying rates for individual properties. LPS will also accept an electronic version of the remittance advice should housing associations prefer to develop one to suit their administrative processes; however, any version must include the LPS Occupancy ID found on the extreme left hand side of the bill / remittance advice.

LPS will allocate the payment as requested. Any amounts left outstanding will be billed in a supplementary bill and will not be eligible for the 10 percent allowance. Failure to provide this information will result in LPS allocating the payment in a specific order and housing associations will be unable to reconcile future bills.

Housing associations should continue to report further changes that have taken place after June on their property portfolio.

October to November

Changes submitted after 31 October may not be reflected in the supplementary rate bills issued during November and these changes will be applied to the relevant rates accounts during the next rating year.


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