Law reform in Northern Ireland

The Civil Law Reform Division (CLRD) of the Departmental Solicitors Office is responsible for certain aspects of civil law reform, most notably with regard to private family law, trusts and property law, tort, contract law and private international law.

Roles and responsibilities of Civil Law Reform Division (CLRD)

In addition to briefing and advising ministers on aspects of the above and taking forward NI initiatives, CLRD:

  • provides NI input into UK wide primary and secondary legislative initiatives in the civil law field
  • contributes to the UK response to developments in international law
  • contributes to NI progress reports in respect of international conventions and treaties
  • deals with parliamentary and assembly questions and correspondence
  • takes forward subordinate legislation
  • monitors civil case law and the operation of prior legislative amendments
  • provides assistance on the policy/legislative side to other units within the Department of Finance
  • provides representation on various committees and may be called upon to assess civil law recommendations with a view to advising ministers on those recommendations and taking forward any required legislative amendments
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