Licence to Practise (LtP) initiative

The Licence to Practise (LtP) initiative was introduced to all appropriate government construction contracts from 1 January 2016.

Understanding the Licence to Practise initiative

The LtP initiative mandates contractors tendering for specific Government construction contracts to ensure that, if successful, only electrical workers that are licensed to practise will be deployed on site.

It has been developed to eradicate unqualified operatives describing themselves as electricians and also to improve electrical safety standards.

An LtP system provides an assessment, grading structure and registration process for electrical workers that is appropriate to their qualifications and experience.

The system enables contractors to demonstrate to clients that they are employing appropriately qualified and experienced electrical workers on their construction projects.

The full details of the LtP initiative are found in Procurement Guidance Note 01/16. 

An example of a LtP system which is currently recognised as a provider under the LtP initiative is SparkSafe. 

ECS Check will be piloted as an alternative provider under the LtP initiative from 1 July 2019. ECS Check is provided by the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme and administered by the Joint Industry Board (JIB). 

During the pilot period contractors will be able to select either Sparksafe or ECS Check where the LtP requirement is included in government contracts they are delivering. 

More information

Further information on LtP can be obtained from CPD by emailing

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