Managing Public Money NI (MPMNI)

This document provides guidance on a wide range of issues, relating mainly to the proper handling and reporting of public money. It sets out the main principles for dealing with resources used by public sector organisations in Northern Ireland (NI).

MPMNI current version issued by Department of Finance (DoF)

Its origin lies in the requirements for departments in central government. However, the same basic principles generally apply in all parts of the NI public sector, with adjustments for context as necessary. Everyone working in public services in NI should be aware of the need to manage and deploy public resources responsibly in the public interest.

Much of what Managing Public Money NI (MPMNI) requires is just good common sense, or sound financial management. There are also some specific rules and conventions about how certain things are handled. Departments and other public bodies should be aware of these so that policies, programmes and projects work smoothly and serve their intended purposes.

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