NICS/CSO Voluntary Exit Scheme: Substantive Grade 6 SPLO (Civil) and SLA

This page provides you with a range of information on the NICS/CSO Voluntary Exit Scheme: Substantive Grade 6 Senior Principal Legal Officers (Civil) and Senior Legal Assistants. This information will be updated as appropriate as the Scheme progresses.

Latest update on the Scheme (as at 17 January 2019)

A change in the Appeals Panel membership has resulted in the rescheduled meeting on 18 January 2019 having to be rearranged. The Appeals Panel meeting will now take place on Monday 28 January 2019.

If you were selected for exit under the terms of the Scheme, you will have received a further letter from HRConnect confirming your last day of service, and advising what you need to do. You may find it helpful to access the VE User Guide which sets out the actions to be taken by an individual selected for exit and by their Line Manager. Some new FAQs have been added advising on action in respect of your remaining annual leave entitlement, which you should try to reduce to zero by your last day.

The period allowed for submitting appeals against non-selection (on the grounds for appeal set out in the Scheme Information Booklet paragraphs 42 – 45) has now closed.

Background to the scheme

Following the completion of the Review of Legal Grades in November 2017, a surplus was identified among civil legal staff at substantive Grade 6 Senior Principal Legal Officer/Senior Legal Assistant level.  While senior management have taken a range of actions to address this situation, some of which are currently ongoing, a small surplus of Grade 6 SPLO /SLA civil legal staff will remain following the full outworking of the Review of Legal Grades.

The aim of the Scheme is to address this surplus situation by offering staff the opportunity to apply to be considered for selection to leave under NICS early exit arrangements, while taking into account the need to maintain essential business continuity across legal services business areas.  The number of staff to leave will depend on the number of surplus staff at the time selection is carried out.

The eligibility requirements for the Scheme are based on the need to address a surplus situation at substantive Grade 6 Senior Principal Legal Officer (civil)/ Senior Legal Assistant level.  Staff at these grades within PPS will not be eligible for the Scheme as no surplus exists at that grade among criminal legal staff, and redeployment of civil legal staff to criminal legal vacancies arising from PPS participation in the Scheme would be problematic in terms of business continuity within PPS, and so would not address the civil legal surplus.

Scheme information


This section provides information relevant to the Scheme.

  • Scheme Information Booklet. This provides key details of the Scheme, such as the eligibility criteria, the terms offered, and dates of stages in the Scheme process
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These provide information on various aspects of the Scheme as raised by affected staff. FAQs will be updated as appropriate during the course of the Scheme. Latest update as at 20 December 2018.
  • Quick Reference Guide for Staff. This explains how to access and use the scheme application site.
  • User Guide for staff and Line Managers.
  • Appeals form. Form for use for appeals against non-selection.

The user guide provides step-by-step guidance on what action individuals and line managers need to take during the course of the Scheme.


Civil Service Pensions information

This section provides links to the Civil Service Pensions Calculators page, which includes the Compensation Calculator.  You do not have to use this calculator, as you will receive a quote from Civil Service Pensions of the compensation to which you would be entitled if you submit an Expression of Interest.  However it may help you to decide whether or not you are interested. Please note if you are currently part time or have been part time in the previous 3 years or are partial retired you will not be able to use the compensation calculator as your Annual Benefit Statement will not contain the information you require to use the calculator.  

The section also provides a link to the general rules of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme relating to Voluntary Exit.

Communications to staff

This section provides a copy of communications issued to eligible staff and their line managers relating to the Scheme, including two earlier communications on the wider outworkings of the Review of Legal Grades.

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