Summary of CPD customer complaint / dispute resolution process

A summary is provided below of the CPD customer complaints and dispute resolution process. Refer to your own departmental Service Level Agreement (SLA) for full details of the process.

Key steps

  1. The Client Advisor, Project Manager, Procurement Officer (CA/PM/PO) will advise the customer representative of the SLA dispute resolution procedure escalation process at the earliest available opportunity after the receipt of a request for work, (issuing a copy of the customer complaint / dispute resolution diagram might suffice).

  2. Upon being notified of an issue by a customer, the CA/PM/PO will seek to resolve the issue immediately, however, if the issue remains unresolved it must be referred to the relevant Grade 7 (G7) for review and resolution.

  3. Once notified the G7 will immediately issue a customer feedback form to capture the customer feedback and help determine fully the nature of the issue.

  4. Upon receipt of the fully completed form the G7 will seek to resolve the issue with the customer within 5 days of receipt.

  5. If the issue cannot be resolved by the G7 within the five day timeframe they must notify their Grade 6 Deputy Divisional Director (DDD) and assigned departmental Key Account Manager (KAM) (if different), by email and the matter immediately referred to the DDD/KAM for review and resolution within 10 working days of receipt of the email.

  6. If the issue cannot be resolved by the DDD/KAM it will automatically be referred to the relevant Divisional Director, by email with all relevant information, for resolution under the terms of the SLA with the Departmental Finance Director or their representative, within 20 working days of referral.

    If the matter still remains unresolved it will finally be escalated to the CPD Chief Executive who will seek resolution with the requisite Departmental Permanent Secretary.

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