Valuation services Central Advisory unit

Land & Property Services (LPS) Central Advisory Unit (CAU) maintain a register of properties which Northern Ireland government bodies have declared surplus.

What is the Central Advisory Unit?

The CAU was set up after the publication of a report in March 1994 on the “Management and Disposal of Government-owned Land”. The report recommended the establishment of such a unit to provide good advice to all public sector bodies. In 2011 the Asset Management Unit (AMU) within the Strategic Investment Board (SIB) took on responsibility for providing estate management advice to departments and public bodies including advice on property strategy, asset management plans and the use of e-Pims property information system.

CAU provide information to government sector bodies regarding how best to buy, sell and manage property and can advise on such matters as:

  • how to review current policy on buying selling or managing property
  • how to identify and market surplus property
  • how to use the private sector
  • the use and coordination of intelligent customer advice

For more information on the disposal of surplus public sector property in Northern Ireland, please use the following below:

CAU can provide advice by supplying policy documents as well as through direct discussions with clients.

The unit is staffed by property professionals who are based within LPS.

If you have a general query about any of the work we do please contact us

  • tel: 028 9033 6172

If you need to speak to a member of Valuation services staff about a specific property please contact CAU or your local LPS valuation office. Contact details can be found in the link below:

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