Financial context for revenue raising consultations

Consultation opened on 11 October 2023. Closing date 17 January 2024.


On 20 September the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland wrote to Permanent Secretaries of NICS departments directing that they launch public consultations on measures to support budget sustainability by raising additional revenue.
The Department of Finance has provided this overarching document to set out the financial context for the consultations.


Consultation description

The Department is seeking views on other aspects of fiscal sustainability including efficiency, transformation or collaborative activities that could be considered alongside revenue raising options.

Please note that on 4 December 2023, the Northern Ireland Office confirmed that the consultation on increasing university tuition fees should proceed, without the student loan repayment period being extended to align with England. As this change was made after DoF launched the Financial Context for Revenue Raising Consultations, this change is not reflected in the text of the published documents.

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