Rates Liability for Domestic Rental Properties

Consultation opened on 23 March 2016. Closing date 03 June 2016.


This page provides details of a consultation which the Department has launched in relation to the rates liability for domestic rental properties.


Consultation description

The Department intends to use this consultation to establish the case for change in this policy area with the aim of ensuring that arrangements:

  •  are fair, not simply to those in the sectors concerned but to the wider body of ratepayers
  • are workable and affordable (and that any allowances that are       provided are no more and no less than they need to be)
  • support the effective and efficient collection of rates
  • ensure clarity of responsibilities for rate liability for both landlords and tenants, and
  • are consistent, so that one type of landlord is not placed at a disadvantage compared to another type of landlord

The consultation exercise will run for an 8 week period closing on 3 June 2016.

Responses to the consultation exercise will be made available on the Rating Policy Division’s website. The results of the consultation exercise will be analysed and presented to the next Finance Minister and the Committee for Finance and Personnel (or its replacement Department) early in the new mandate. A paper setting out the main issues raised during consultation will then be published before further steps are taken.

If you require any further information about this consultation exercise you should contact Rating Policy Division on (028 9090 9325).

The consultation paper can be made available, on request, in alternative languages and formats. Should you wish to contact us by e-mail, any queries and consultation responses should be sent to: ratingpolicy.cfg@dfpni.gov.uk

* It should be noted that page 16 of the document has been amended post-publication to insert some words of additional text for clarification purposes


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