Template for writing a specification - supplies and services

Date published: 20 November 2017

This template will help you structure a supplies or services specification.

Remember if you are submitting a New Work Request Form to CPD, your draft specification should accompany the completed form.


If you are not experienced in writing specifications it may be helpful to read our guidance documents on preparing specifications.

In particular the 'General tips on drafting specifications' document will guide you through the process of completing the template below. 

For help with sections of the template: Refer to the appropriate section of the 'General tips on drafting specifications'
Introduction General tips - Section 1
Background General tips - Section 2
Scope of the Contract General tips - Section 3
Detailed Requirements General tips - Section 4
Service Levels and KPIs General tips - Section 5
Contract Management and Review General tips - Section 6
Sustainability General tips - Section 7
Contract Period General tips - Section 8


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